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Long Range Explosive Bomb Detector & Material Identification Systems
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"Electromagnetic Penetrating Technology"

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A description of our products:

Active Gun Unit, AGU Long Range Radar Detector
Passive Barrel Unit, PBU Long Range Passive Barrel Receiver
The AGU series and Barrel (PBU) detectors are more than just explosive detectors. The AGU and PBU units detect many different compounds or materials. This means they can send and receive low level sensitive Electromagnetic Energy to identify different targets. This includes targets on the ground, in the ground, and enclosed in many different containers. Our technology can also be used to detonate, or disarm a target. Instead of using High Power Energy we use natural matter frequencies and generate a low level detection process or a self destructive vibration that can destroy the matter thereby stopping molecular movements. This means we render the Target material in a static state, allowing our technology to determine the authenticity and real composition of the material. This in effect is an Electromagnetic Penetrating Microscope, using the natural codes to view complex patterns in any energy field. This device is a True Material / Matter Analyzer, with a long range delivery system, used for the Explosive Detectors.
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